Don’t Be Haunted by Cavities this Halloween!

Don’t Be Haunted by Cavities this Halloween!

1) Wash Your Hands After Trick or Treating – With all the little hands grabbing candy out of those bowls, spreading germs is inevitable. Remember to wash your child’s hands after trick or treating to make sure he or she doesn’t catch some kind of cold or the flu.



2.  Choose the Right Treats – Gummy, sticky, or tacky candy that get stuck in your teeth and hard candy are some of the worst for oral health. Encourage snagging the other types of candy that won’t stick around in the mouth for very long.




3. Use Xlear to Clean Your Airway – Some viruses are seasonal and others seem to flourish more when its cold out. Make sure your child has a clean airway by washing his or her nose and sinuses with Xlear Nasal Spray.




4.  Fortify Daily Oral Hygiene Habits – It’s very important to brush your teeth twice a day, but during Halloween and the holiday season it becomes even more important. Keep those teeth as clean as possible and at night don’t allow your kids to eat candy after brushing.



5. Use Spry Gems Throughout the Day – With all the treats available, it’s practically inevitable that your child will eat sweets throughout the day. To defend against the continual onslaught, make sure your child has Spry Gems or Spry Gum on hand and uses it after snacks and treats.