Our Story


After 13 years as a well-known supplier to the dental industry we have always recognised the need for easier ways to help NZ-ers improve their dental care.


When we first stumbled across Xylitol we couldn’t understand why we knew so little about it in NZ given its astonishing clinically proven health benefits. As we dived into the research (more than 1500 clinical trials) we realised NZers were missing out on a major opportunity the rest of the world already knew about to improve their dental health and their overall wellbeing.


How could something so simple and delicious be so good for you?


Over the past 18months we have partnered with Dental professionals .Yes, these products are recommended for all age groups by dentists and hygienists globally. You will find some of these dentists listed as stockists on the website.


We have sourced nothing but the best xylitol products from the US for you. There is an extensive range which includes


Toothpaste , mouth wash , dental floss ,Dry mouth products , Gum , mints ,candies ,soft caramels and  lollipops for kids and adults.


Experience the benefits for yourself!


Meet the A Team


Adrienne Renton – Owner / Director

I have extensive experience in the health industry which began in the hospital as a Laboratory Scientist then progressed to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
In 2004 I purchased DRC, a dental supply company which continues to throw me exciting opportunities.

We are an enthusiastic passionate team who have partnered both with great US suppliers who share our vision for Xylitol products, and locally with dental professionals who know the benefits of Xylitol in Oral Healthcare.

Away from the business I can be found on the golf course, trying to catch that big fish or enjoying time out with friends and family.





 Alison Field – Sales 

Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a School Dental Nurse! – Strange I know – but thanks to the ‘careers advisors’ at the time I was talked out of it, as supposedly, a new wonder ‘drug’ – fluoride – was going to make such jobs non-existent. Huh! If only I’d had a crystal ball and seen what was actually going to happen!

I have always had an enthusiasm for health and wellbeing and spent the first 20 years of my working life as a Medical Laboratory Technician, and then in various roles with both Pharmaceutical and Dental Supply Companies. It was during this time that I met Adrienne and realised that we both shared the same passion and drive to want to help kiwis live better lives and I’m really lucky to work with 2 other equally passionate women helping others regain their quality of life.

In my spare time I enjoy entertaining, being with friends and family, travelling, kayak fishing, yoga, tramping, swimming….in fact I’ll give anything a go. I truly believe that “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal”.



Angela Purcell – Office Manager / Web Designer

My early career saw me working in the food industry.  My mother and I owned a little cafe in Milford where we promoted a range of healthy dishes that were before their time.  I’ve always had a interest in healthy food, healthy lifestyle and overall healthy wellbeing.

Since then my career focused on IT and I fell in love with Web Design.  It was a creative outlet for me and I ran my own web design business for 4 years.  

In my spare time, I am a bit of a geek and game.  Also avid movie and tv buff.  I love spending time with family and friends. BBQ’s, dining out and socialising.



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