The Epic Dental Benefits of Spry Dental Defence

The Epic Dental Benefits of Spry Dental Defence

A happy mouth is a healthy mouth. Keep your mouth clean and fresh with the Spry Dental Defense complete line of oral care products. Doctors and dentists worldwide agree these products are the most effective and natural way to achieve epic dental health!

The Spry Dental Defense line of oral care was specifically formulated to meet all of your dental health needs. All of our products contain only the highest quality natural ingredients, and feature xylitol. Xylitol is a natural derivative of plant fibers, which is extremely beneficial when orally exposed. It powerfully cleanses while gently hydrating, and makes an unwelcome environment for bad bacteria.

When you regularly use Spry Dental Defense products you’ll be setting the foundation for epic dental health. Your risk of illness, tooth decay, and cavities will significantly reduce because bad bacteria cannot grow into their complex colonies called biofilms. These bacterial colonies are thick and filmy, which protects illness causing germs and promotes the growth of plaque and cavities.


Your optimal plan for achieving epic dental health starts with a complete floss, brush, and rinse routine in the morning. We’ve improved upon the standard oral hygiene routine by recreating your basic products in a powerfully natural way. From our organically grown anti-microbial toothbrush to our absorbent sponge floss and oral rinse, you’ll feel the natural difference and health benefits immediately!

Flossing and brushing isn’t always an option in between meals, keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh by chewing a piece of Spry chewing gum with xylitol. The natural boost of xylitol combined with the benefits of chewing gum is the best alternative to brushing and flossing. Chewing gum promotes salivation which helps to wash away excess food particles and inhibit the growth of plaque. When you chew Spry gum, you’ll feel fresher and your mouth will be healthier.

Achieving epic dental health doesn’t have to be complicated. By combining the natural benefits of all the individual products, you can breathe easier, and fresher, knowing you’re smile is well protected and cared for.