Protect Your Lungs During the Winter Season

Protect Your Lungs During the Winter Season

The winter months wreak havoc on our respiratory system. The triple threat of cold, dry, dirty air causes problems for the airway and lungs.

Cold Air

When cold air reaches the lungs it can thicken the mucus in the lungs–an essential part to respiratory health. The mucus moves unwanted particles out of the lungs. But thickened mucus cannot flow easily, leading to an inability to rid the body of contaminants. The lungs can also react to the cold air by producing histamine, which causes wheezing and shortness of breath.

Dry Air

The lungs are an organ that rely on moisture.  Moisture is critical for the diffusion of oxygen into the blood stream.  It is also a key component of the mucus that traps the dust and micro-organisms that make it into the lungs.  Lack of moisture can also lead to exposure of tissues to contaminants, which can lead to swelling and infection.

Dirty Air

While the lungs are able to clean out contaminants, they can be quickly overwhelmed.  It also takes time for the process to work.  These contaminants can lead to infections and reactions, some of which can be long lasting.


There are a number of things you can do, but the best place to start is with the body’s natural defenses, primarily, the nose. In a healthy nose 18,000 to 20,000 liters of air pass through it each day, which is around 5,000 gallons–equal to a tanker truck you might see on the freeway. The nose and sinuses are a complex collection of turbinates and cavities which:

– Warm the air

– Humidify the air

– Filter the air

If we breathe through our mouths, we bypass all of these features and put more stress on our lungs.

Cold weather seams to be synonymous with congestion.  How do we make sure that we breathe through our noses at this time when so many of us are congested? This is where nasal hygiene comes in.  This cold air is having the same drying effect on our noses and all that filtering creates a buildup of contaminants.  We need to assist the nose by keeping it clean and moist.

Xlear Nasal Spray effectively moisturizes the sinuses and nasal cavities.  The moisture is drawn out of swollen sinus tissues, which increases air-flow through the nose making it easier to breathe.  It is also natural, non-addictive, and will not dry out the sinuses like some of the over the counter options. Assist your body’s defenses with Xlear Nasal Spray.