• New Zealander’s consume on average 37 tsp of sugar a day
  • That’s  about 54 kilograms of sugar per year which is almost a full bath tubs worth! (as of March 2014)
  • It is estimated that half, or 13-14 tsp, of our sugar intake comes from sugar added to food
  • Sugar, in moderation, can be part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle


How much sugar should we be eating?

It is recommended that we consume no more than 10% of energy from added sugars. For someone consuming an average 8,700 kJ a day, this is around 51 grams or 13 level teaspoons a day.

From the latest Australian and New Zealand national nutrition surveys, around 20% and 21% of our dietary energy (kilojoules) comes from total sugars (both naturally occurring and added) which is about 26 and 27 teaspoons a day, respectively.

It has been estimated from previous Australian and New Zealand nutrition survey’s that around 10% of our energy intake is from added sugars and 10% from naturally occurring sugars. These figures are in line with current recommendations to consume no more than 10% of total energy from added sugars.

The simplest advice is from the Australian and New Zealand Dietary Guidelines – to limit intake of nutrient-poor discretionary (or ‘treat’) foods and drinks6 containing added sugars like confectionery, soft drinks, cakes and biscuits.

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